Building the future.

Always forward is a way to live, a way to see the world. The lines are blurring, we will shape the new world through our lens: beyond frontiers, physics and barriers.

Sanjuro Cultural Edition

ikuzo sanjuro

Whether you are busy unlearning the course of life or jumping into the unknown of the metaverse: we are before all explorers.


Research & Development

Research & Development

Investigation and evaluation of the web3 fashion industry, including creating the first high-end fashion brand under the Ikuzo. Integration of PBT smart chip technology into their garments.

Ikuzo sale

Ikuzo sale

Launching a dedicated gated online store,, to promote the initial full collection of web3 fashion. Commencing shipment of merchandise by January - February 2023.

Digital Wearables

Digital Wearables

Creation of digital wearable elements for the clothing range integrated with IKZCONNECT3. This will enable customers to access additional, unique digital assets.

IKUZO Launchpad

IKUZO Launchpad

Developing a web3 Fashion Launchpad and Toolkit in Q2 2023 as the first step to introducing a web3 Fashion Marketplace.

Discover a new way to own

NFC Detected
NFC Detected Military Satin Bomber Red

Ikuzo Connect

Secured by cutting-edge technologies

Introducing Ikuzo Connect powered by PBT - the revolutionary new authentication system that is changing the game. Say goodbye to outdated, centralized servers and hello to a decentralized process that is built on the foundation of self-attestation using a cutting-edge chip equipped with an asymmetric public-private key pair. Ikuzo Connect is the future of secure and efficient authentication – be ahead of the curve and experience the difference.

Learn more about this technology here

A new world of possibilities awaits you

Your garment is now Connected: it means that you have the physical and the digital version, giving you the possibility to extend your identity in virtual worlds, certify the authenticity of your garment, sell it securely in our marketplace, create real-life experiences etc..

Join us and create the future.

The future of fashion

The future of fashion will certainly be digital, instead of creating another metaverse or another 3D, we've decided to create the digital version to be compatible to the ecosystem of RTFKT & CloneX (Nike). Their vision and values are aligned with ours.
If you own a CloneX, you will be able to use your garment digitally (demo coming soon).

A new philosophy

Open-source and trustless are the symbols of the new internet called web3, built and ruled by the community and for the community.